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Lunar New Year and its traditions

  The celebration of Lunar New Year is just around the corner! The festivity, which is known as ‘Imlek’ in Indonesia, is usually hosted for 15 days; the celebration starts on the first day of the new year and ends with “Cap Go Meh” on the 15th day. The Chinese people have come and lived […]

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Pagerwesi Day in Bali

In case you have been wondering today why people are dressed in the traditional Balinese outfits, carrying offerings, it’s because today is a special day in Bali called Pagerwesi. There are numerous ceremonies the Balinese celebrate yearly, and monthly – not the mention the daily prayers and offerings but today is one of the most […]

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10 Things to do in Ubud

  Away from the crowd and be one with nature – those are probably your reasons for choosing Padma Resort Ubud as a place to stay in Ubud. Located just about 30 minutes away from downtown Ubud, Padma Resort Ubud offers serenity and seclusion that makes it the perfect area for you to recharge your […]

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Family Trip vs Solo Trip

One of the biggest travel dilemmas is whether to travel alone or with a group of family. Travelling with a bunch of people is surely more problematic when it comes to scheduling. On the other hand, travelling alone can possibly cost you a fortune. However, there are always bright sides in any way that you […]