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Tips to Time Your Shots Perfectly Around The Resort

Did you know shooting in direct sun will give you harsh pictures? Have you ever heard the term golden hours of photography? or lazy to get out of bed early while on holiday? Well, it’s all about creating amazing memories from this amazing resort or anywhere you are, you will not regret getting up early […]


Dates, the Super Fruit!

We’re in Ramadan month where Muslims from all over the world, including in Indonesia, are fasting from sunrise to sunset and this means, during this period, dates are found abundantly throughout the Country – from humble food stalls, supermarkets to luxurious gourmet stores. Dates have been the staple for takjil (opening) treat, when the sun […]


Colour Your Day Brighter with Padma Resort Ubud

Hi everyone, Thank you for your enthusiasm in our previous cooking class and yoga sessions. Now that you have been occupied while staying at home, it is now the kids’ turn for some art activities! Get some crayons, colouring pencils or water colour paints ready as we have prepared these colouring sheets for your little […]


Simple Healthy Recipes by Chef Dora

There is a famous Latin phrase “mens sana in corpore sano“, which means a healthy mind in a healthy body. We believe that if we take good care of our bodies, it will bring out some positive energy. And here’s why, I would like to share some of my favourite healthy food recipes. Trust me, […]


Dalgona Creations, The Internet’s Favourite Drinks

Hi everyone, how are you doing? You probably have heard of Dalgona, and have seen it going around the internet since roughly the start of the quarantine period. So what exactly is Dalgona? It is a type of drink, initially consists of whipped coffee on top, served with milk and ice. The drink itself is […]


Our Top 5 Favourite Films of All Time

Hello from the marketing team! You rarely see us, as we spend most of our time behind the computers. We are a bunch of nerdy millennials who find pleasure in arts, music, and films. These past few weeks of self-isolating, apart from keeping our creative brain alive by continuously creating entertaining and useful content for […]

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Padma Buzz March – April 2020

Padma Resort Ubud Padma Buzz March - April 2020

Your monthly dose of recent promotion in Padma Resort Ubud from our upcoming event, what’s new in Padma Resort Ubud and the most interesting to do in Bali.

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Nyepi 101: What to Expect on the Day of Silence

On this day, we stop whatever it is we normally do to take a break and do self-reflection. If this year is going to be your first time spending Nyepi in Bali, here are some things that you might need to know.