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Family Trip vs Solo Trip

One of the biggest travel dilemmas is whether to travel alone or with a group of family. Travelling with a bunch of people is surely more problematic when it comes to scheduling. On the other hand, travelling alone can possibly cost you a fortune. However, there are always bright sides in any way that you choose. Here are some positive points to think about.


A good companion shortens the longest road
You won’t eat a single meal alone when you travel with family. But not to worry, when you travel solo you are more likely to meet new people along the way which can be fun too!

Quality time either way
You have the decision making power to discover more destinations when you’re all by yourself. Having family around may limit your exploration but you get to spend a quality hang time with them that may not happen often during your busy days.

Comfort and survival skills
During rough travel moments like getting lost or sick, it is always convenient to be looked after by family. Yet when you’re alone in times like that, it really is the time when you connect and find yourself. You will see what you are capable of doing and find confidence in you 🙂


Whichever way that you choose, just enjoy the journey and every moment that comes with is for it may not happen twice in your life. Happy holiday!

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