Feel the classical breeze with the Jakarta Concert Orchestra

Music is the only language that has tied societies together for centuries. It is a universal language, understood by every living being, and interpreted to their means. We like to call music the bridge to the heart and the religion to the soulful. People have been using this form of expression since the beginning of time, using specifically written tunes as a message of passion. Padma Resort Ubud has another musical event ready to oscillate your heart and introduce you to a new array of tunes.

Featuring Indonesia’s executive conductor Avip Priatna and his musical troop the Jakarta Concert Orchestra, our resort is awaiting a night of refrains and soothing melodies on Saturday, 2 of September 2017. This night will bring you to an era of tradition and modernity. Our musicians have interpreted their own approach to classical music innovating and revolutionizing Maestro Ludwig Van Beethoven masterpieces. Our Archipelago’s touch of music has been recreated in the musician’s classical tunes, and Indonesia represented, as a country of diverse melodies. Folksongs and Odes mixed together, what is the outcome? It’s for you to experience during this fervent musical celebration.

As for our musicians, they are, passionate and well-known artists, vehement of music. Conductor Avip Priatna, has a long career of success in the musical industry. He is a graduate of the beautiful and art-filled city of Vienna, the conductor gained distinction in the musical world of Austria, and decided to create the Jakarta Concert Orchestra in 2002. This orchestra proves a means of him to share his powerful ear of knowledge to all the curious musicians and non-musicians alike. Music is for everybody, and everybody can be the string of a guitar.

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Their violinist Giovani Biga has won 6th place in Stockholm’s International Music Competition and is the face of Indonesia’s young musical talent. He is currently studying in Germany and has been an icon of Indonesia in the prestigious Asian Youth Orchestra amongst other talented international musicians. Last but not least, the flutists, Marini Widyastari and MettaFaurizkaAriono will take into the woodwind instruments and play the night along with their extensive musical experience outside of the archipelago. Those passionate will always make time for the special talent in their heart, and music is a means of expression they find can calm their souls.

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It is therefor of our enthusiasm to call out all the musical fans of Bali to join this event on the 2nd of September 2017 at Padma Resort Ubud.

A heavenly evening will take place in a magical environment, where tunes, melodies and harmony will immerse into the atmosphere.

Tickets are at IDR 399,000+ per person including buffet dinner, free flow wine, soft drink and juices.

Feel the classic’s in the jungle, come and enjoy the breezy melodies. Contact us at for more information and reservation.


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