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The most Instagrammable spots in Padma Resort Ubud

“Photos, or it didn’t happen..”

We live in the digital era when sharing our special moments on social media has become a necessity. As much as we would like to simply enjoy the moment, it is almost impossible to not take some snaps during our trips, as holidays make for fantastic photo opportunities; we have the brightest smiles because we are stress-free, we are surrounded by people we can hardly see during our busy days, we get to wear our best outfits and also, we have unlimited options of wonderful locations, because…it’s a holiday!

Many of our guests have stumbled across Padma Resort Ubud’s imageries on our social media pages and were lured into the magnificent view of the surrounding nature, as well as the lavish amenities. How can you miss your chance of taking incredible holiday photos while at the same time, having the best time of your life! Located in the middle of the Payangan hills in North Bali, Padma Resort Ubud promises serene ambiance, private surroundings and one in a life time holiday experience. Now, while you’re here with us, be ready to take some stunning holiday photos to show the world how amazing your holiday is! And here are some of the most popular spots you can start with..


To the infinity and beyond..

From world class bloggers to honeymooners and families, from unicorns to flamingos and pegasus, there have been quite a variety of guests and inflatables floating around our infinity pool. There are many reasons as to why this is the number one spot in the resort; it is overlooking the mighty view of the lush Ubud forest, not a sight you get to witness everyday. To top the experience, our infinity pool is heated, so any time of the day is a perfect time to take a dip. Even when it rains, some of our guests refuse to leave the pool and do take pleasure swimming in the rain. We welcome our guests to bring their own favourite floaties. However, please mind your safety around the infinity pool edges!

Photos by @katerinastavreva and @oneworldjustgo


The sweet suite life

Taking a relaxing holiday to the next level by staying in our suite rooms? Be sure to capture a shot or two in our outdoor Jacuzzi. The grand time will be in the morning to give you the perfect “non-filtered” lens flares from the beautiful sun rays. Don’t forget to also add some drinks or animal towels as props, or if it’s your honeymoon, do mention it to our reservation team prior to your arrival if you’d like to have a special honeymoon set ups with rose petals in your bath, just like in the movies 😉

Photos by @sukiminthio and @ipii


Afternoon positive-tea

If you’re one of our Club Guests, you are entitled for private afternoon tea and cocktail hours in our Club Lounge. We truly mean it when we say private, and this particular corner as shown in the pictures below is the most-loved spot in our Club Lounge. Our sweet and savoury afternoon tea nibbles come in a charming bird cage that would make you want to dress up just for it (and the photos…of course!)

Photos by @melaniesaw and


Walk around nature

Holiday doesn’t mean leaving your healthy lifestyle behind. Did you know that aside from the infinity pool, the gym, and yoga barn, we also have a 3.4 km jogging track that meanders through the abundant bamboo forests and the mystical river flowing beneath our resort? Yes, not only it is a nice path for a morning jog or a leisurely walk, but it is a unique spot for photos too. Or perhaps, a pre-wedding photo shoot?

Photos by @mahakemala and @theadventuresofjade


Last but not least, the high angle resort view

You may have seen aerial shots of Padma Resort Ubud going around on the internet or magazines. You might be wondering if it’s worth packing up your drone to capture similar photos. Well, believe it or not, these shots right here require nothing but your own compact camera as it is your balcony view when you’re staying in our Premier Club Rooms or from our Club Lounge – surprise surprise! 😉

However, if you do wish to fly your drone during your stay, please inform our front desk team to assist you with the permission form, then you are good to go.

Photos by @lacerti and @bellaslense


If it’s going to be your first time at Padma Resort Ubud, hope this sneak peek gets you more excited for your holiday! Special thanks to all of our guests who have been sharing their holiday photos with us. It always makes us smile to see our guests having an enjoyable time at Padma Resort Ubud. Don’t forget to tag us on your creative holiday photos as we’d love to see more and more.

Oh, and follow us on Instagram: @padmaubud to keep yourself updated on our resort news!


Happy holiday!


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