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Stranded in Padma Resort Ubud? Don’t mind if I do!

We came to Padma Resort Ubud just a day after the news that Ngurah Rai International Airport has officially been shut down due to the ash from Mount Agung.


Were we scared?

No! Why? Because there is nothing we could do about it – other than possibly extending our stays in Bali. We were already in Bali and still have several days before our departure date anyway so we decided to be truly in the moment and enjoy our time there.

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed and quickly made at home despite the pouring rain. In a way, the rain did Bali well. It helps clear out the ash. We thought let’s just leave it all up to mother nature, she got this!

Our room is beautiful!

“Typically, you could see the tip of Mount Agung from your balcony.” Said one of the friendly staffs of Padma Resort Ubud who showed us our room.

A letter from Padma Resort Ubud explaining the current situations of the Mountain armed with two sets of face masks was put in all occupied room and being updated on a daily basis. Hats off to Padma Resort Ubud management team for keeping their guests well informed. The masks were provided for those who have respiratory sensitivity. We don’t need it but in all of our travel experiences combined, we salute Padma Resort Ubud for this approach to ensure that their guests feel safe and well taken care of.


And well taken care of we did indeed!

So, without further ado, here are some tips should you ever get “stranded” at Padma Resort Ubud


  1. Worry NOT!

Worrying helps no one. If anything, it only added unnecessary wrinkles on your forehead. Don’t fret…don’t panic. Stop obsessively watching the news because news is not always accurate – hello, dramatic exaggerations! No, it is best to not get yourself stressed out. If you are already in Bali take a deep breath and relax, you are on the Island of the Gods. IF you are a worry wart, then it is best to get your information directly from the hotel instead of the TV. Trust me, the hotel management team is trained for this type of force majeure situation.


  1. Explore…explore…

Padma Resort Ubud offers free shuttles service to downtown Ubud on a daily basis. Just make sure you dial your Butler Service from the room to book your trip. From where the shuttle dropped you off, feel free to roam around. Practice your haggling skills at the Ubud market is a fun activity. Drop by the many local cafes to enjoy good food and do your own Eat, Pray, Love if that’s what you like. There’s so much to explore in downtown Ubud. Check out the guide here.


  1. Swim away

We are totally in love with Padma Resort Ubud amazing pool! The views alone are enough to make us want to stay in the pool for hours. We don’t mind the rain since the pool is heated. With the mist spreading low wrapping the trees like a long-lost lover…that was pretty romantic.


  1. Pet the bunnies

Walk down to Padma Resort Ubud Animal Garden and go feed the hungry ducks, listen to the interesting facts about the birds from your knowledgeable guide, pet the fluffy rabbits and the adorable guinea pigs. This new addition to Padma Resort Ubud will guarantee to put a smile on your face. Your kids will love it too especially since they could get a hands-on experience with the cute animals. A visit to the Animal Garden makes for a great educational opportunity.


  1. Get closer, much closer, to mother earth

We were happy to just stay in and explore the beautifully kept area and did I mentioned huge grounds of Padma Ubud? 11 hectares to explore? Heck, yeah! The bamboo forest and the bamboo bridge with crystal clear river flowing next to it truly take you back to nature. Inhale the fresh air and allow your lungs to expand. If you’re like us, go there in the morning and meditate. Release gratitude into the green space and feel the peace that can only come from being so close to nature. For us big cities dwellers, this is a grounding experience not to be missed. Get your yoga on too every morning while being surrounded by the morning fogs. Almost felt like you were doing yoga in the clouds. Magical is an understatement!


  1. Pick your own fruits and veggies

At Padma Resort Ubud Agroforestry you could do this. Get the true feelings of farm to table with this experience. Where else can you do this? We salute Padma Resort Ubud for pioneering a self-sustainability like this by growing their own fruits and vegetables and allowing their guests to participate.

Still fear of being stranded in Bali? Don’t! There are many more reasons to be happily stranded at Padma Resort Ubud but you need to experience it yourself.

For us, we enjoyed every minute of our extended stays with Padma Resort Ubud.



Maureen Hitipeuw

She is a lifestyle and travel blogger on a quest of finding joy in every day life and living life to the fullest with kindness, compassion, grace and a bit of sass.




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