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Tips to Time Your Shots Perfectly Around The Resort

Did you know shooting in direct sun will give you harsh pictures? Have you ever heard the term golden hours of photography? or lazy to get out of bed early while on holiday?

Well, it’s all about creating amazing memories from this amazing resort or anywhere you are, you will not regret getting up early and taking your camera out for a photo tour. Read through and you will be excited to know when and where to shoot in Padma Resort Ubud. Booked your next stay? Don’t forget to put this into practice and make your friends envious of your Bali holiday.

Golden Hours

Shooting against the sunlight at the perfect time is an excellent way to produce amazing images. Architecture excellence at this resort is no question, complementing the area, yourself, your friends or your loved ones with striking natural light from behind will result in an image you will want to share instantly to your social scenes. This moment is most commonly known as the golden hour or magic hour. Occurs twice a day, shortly after sunrise for one hour and one hour before sunsets. The key to succeeding during golden hours:

  1. Get the timing correct and don’t be afraid to wash out some details off the background.
  2. If using a camera, set the exposure level to above 0. Focus on making sure that the subject/model is bright enough. We don’t want to produce silhouettes.
  3. Allow the natural light immerse with the scene and get your models to strike a pose.
  4. Position the sun against you or on your right or left. Do not position the sun behind the photographer as the output can be dull with direct flat light coming through.

Although golden hours occur twice in a day, Padma Resort Ubud is best known for its heated pool. Thus, mist and fog from the pool will rise during the early hours of the sunrise which create a dreamy effect. So where and when is best to shoot during golden hours?

Morning Golden Hours

  1. Order floating breakfast early enough to get the amazing rays of the golden hour.
  2. Pose at the edge of the infinity pool and shoot against the sun from the bar area. If you’re lucky and early enough, you’ll get an amazing dreamy effect from the heat of the pool. Fingers crossed others are still snoozing, you’ll be lucky to have an empty pool scene.
  3. Jog through the jogging track down towards the bamboo forest, morning rays colour the scene with golden light.
  4. Fish feeding at the lobby area. Find a spot where the sunlight hits and shoot from across the garden.
  5. Animal feeding near the agroforestry garden. Feed the chickens, pigeons, rabbit, goat and Balinese cow. This can be done in the later hours of the golden moment around 8-9 am.
  6. Book a morning jungle trekking session and stroll through a scene with morning lights falling through the canopy, get your shot right and it feels like a movie scene.

Afternoon Golden Hours

  1. Check out the surrounding local village and see the wonderful rice paddy fields and local lifestyle with Padma’s cycling tour. Have you tour guide photograph you while cycling through the golden light along with a wondrous backdrop.
  2. The greeneries around Agroforestry Garden becomes vibrant during the afternoon golden hours. Handpick some fresh fruits and get your loved ones to shoot a natural candid.
  3. Book a rice planting session between 4-5 pm and you’ll be in a picture-perfect scene as you experience being a traditional Balinese Farmer.

Golden hours light is ideal for almost all types of photography. It will make landscapes more vibrant and create excellent mood shot for portraitures. Applying the simple above techniques and being in the right activity and spot at the right time will help your images look magnificent. Put on an early morning alarm or book your activities ahead, it will all be worth it when you photograph during those epic golden hours.


Ary Bestari

An inherited profession from his father who used to be a journalistic photographer – Ary knew professional film camera since his younger days. In his late teen-age years, he began teaching himself photography from reading magazines, video tutoring, and most importantly persistent practice.

Putting what he learnt into action, landscape and architecture images is what caught Ary’s interest the most. Balancing correctly between time, camera settings and photographic angle to produce rich twilight natural colors in a photograph is what he feels most magical about in photography.

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