Ubud for the adventurous hearts

Being located up north where the mountains are, Ubud is well known as a place for those in quest of tranquility and peace, or love birds looking for a romantic getaway. There’s also a stereotype image of Ubudians, what we call the people who reside in Ubud, as the kind of people who would enjoy the organic- healthy – yoga lifestyle. It is both yes and no, because truth to be told, Ubud is beyond rice terraces, meditation, honeymoon, and spiritual healings – it is also a place for the adventurous hearts, the adrenaline seekers who cannot go a day without being active. Here are a few among many adventurous activities that you can do in and around Ubud.


Quad tour with the squad

Ride the ATV through the Ubud jungles, rivers, or country sides and discover the hidden beauty of Bali. Equipped with professional instructors that will guide you through the tracks, this will be a perfect activity for you who adrenaline junkies. The more, the merrier! Book the trip with a bunch of family members and friends to share the fun together! You can contact our front desk team at Padma Resort Ubud to help you organise the nearest quad tour for you.


Photo by Bali Quad



Getting to know the birds, reptiles, and wild animals

Most of us love birds, they’re beautiful, smart, and friendly. How about reptiles? I guess it’s not for everyone. But the brave ones will find it exciting to get up close and personal with our reptile friends. Some of them are native to Indonesia that you won’t get to find elsewhere. We have an animal garden in the resort where you can take the kids to feed and pet our birds and some domestic animals like guinea pigs. Bali Bird Park and Bali Reptile Park can also be some options to spend the day with the birds and reptiles. And if you’d like to take animal visit to the next level, try the night safari at Bali Safari and Marine Park.


Animal Garden at Padma Resort Ubud



Photo by Bali Safari and Marine Park



Go chase the waterfalls!

Team work makes the dream work. Bring a group of friends or family for a day out, rafting in Bali rivers. There are a number of rafting locations that you can find through tour agents alongside the Ubud Centre. Spoiler alert! Rafting in Bali gives you some extra bonuses like hidden waterfalls and the beautiful surroundings of the jungle, the river flows through. Ayung river is the most popular one to raft in the Ubud area; it has a 10 km route which is approximately a 2 hour rafting session. Don’t worry if you’re not a very good swimmer as you will be accompanied by the professionals who will guide you and give you instructions.


Photo by Bali River Rafting               


What time is it? Food-venture time!

Not everyone is blessed with an adaptable stomach when it comes to trying bizarre foods and local delicacies. So if you do have one, take advantage of it and try the local Balinese cuisines Ubud has to offer. You can start with the selection of authentic Balinese cuisines we have at The Puhu, cooked whole heartedly by our executive chef, Chef Ketut. Try our signature Balinese/ Indonesian dishes such as Bebek Betutu (duck in rich betutu marinade), or Sop Buntut Bakar (oxtail soup). Try also our special Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and Rawon (beef soup) from The Pool Cafe and Bar downstairs. Going outside the resort, one of the must tries in Ubud is Ayam Kedewatan Ibu Mangku – Ayam is a Bahasa Indonesia word for chicken, while Kedewatan is a name of a suburb, and Ibu Mangku, well..we believe it is the name of the founder. It is basically a Nasi Campur (mixed rice) with a little bit of everything on the side; shredded chicken, egg, vegetables and fish satay. Now, that might not sound “adventurous” for you, but wait until you try the sambal. It will make you cry! But it’s the tears of joy as you won’t be able to stop until the last bite of your Nasi Campur. This place is always packed during lunch time so better save a seat quickly before you order the only two menus they have; pisah and campur (separated gravy, and mixed gravy)


The Puhu restaurant, Padma Resort Ubud 



Photo by Where to eat Bali









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