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Ubud after sunset: 8 things to do

Ubud is the cultural center of Bali. People come to the town to unwind and relax, indulge in cultural activities and make the most of their time in what we call the “real Bali”. It is not for a reason Elizabeth Gilbert tales in her famous book EAT PRAY LOVE the mystical side of this sweet Balinese village.

Now, readers, you are in Ubud, and you want to explore. The sun just went down, you have a lot of options down to take, but are confused of which ones to do first. You are in Bali’s heart of culture after all! Better not miss out tonight, right?

Here are a few things to do in Ubud after sunset..


Marshmallow pit kind of evening

Sometimes you want to go out and explore, sometimes you just want to have a quiet evening and stay in. There’s nothing wrong with that when you’re staying in an all in one resort like Padma Resort Ubud! There is never enough time to get to experience all the different in house activities at the resort. There is also this little cute circle in the pool area, and it’s a marshmallow pit! You can have a marshmallow and hot chocolate night in 😉 Yes, big kids love some sweets too! And after all, it’s your holiday, you do whatever your soul desires! All you need to do is to inform the staff at The Pool Cafe and Bar that you’d like some marshmallow and hot choco!

Photo by @debbysetiawaty


Promenade down the center

A stroll down the center after the sun has decided to sleep for the night in Ubud is always a good idea for those looking to experience a variety of activities the town has to offer. Ubud has numerous shops, art galleries and other interesting things glued down their roads. It is exceptionally inviting for those who are a bit skeptical of what travel guides have to say! You can directly put your feet on the paths of the Ubud center and figure out what interesting spots to hit by yourself. Here’s a bonus point.. a good evening walk can also burn a few extra calories right? 😉 Who knows you might find the hidden gem of Ubud! Please share with us if you do!

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Ubud Night Market

You want to get nice presents for your loved ones, and are thinking of something unique and creative. Something you can’t find anywhere else!  Of course, the thing to get are some nice handmade arts and crafts from Balinese traditional markets. Yes, traditional shops are everywhere, but if you are looking for a place where you can get everything you are looking for; you can directly go to the Ubud Night Market which is located in the center of Ubud. The ones you love need to know just how much you love them! So get them pretty presents! 😉

Photo by Love Bali


Watch a traditional Balinese dance

You have probably already heard the young Balinese people by the roads offering tickets to see a “Kecak” or a “Barong” dance. Yes, this might be a good idea, as Bali is a haven of beautiful art pieces. Seeing Balinese choreography is definitely something to do before you leave! It is nice to tell all your friends you enjoyed the beach, the mountains and rice fields, but what about telling them how the “Rama Shinta” story melted your heart, or how you actually saw someone fall into trance right before your eyes? It would definitely be a highlight to your holiday, no?


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Paradiso Ubud

For those feeling like watching a night movie. This place is not only a restaurant, but also a movie Theatre! It has special vegan dishes for everyone who don’t eat animal products. You guys also don’t need to worry about the seats! This place can accommodate up to 150 people. You can check out their Facebook page for what movies they project. The seats are free! So just buy food out of politeness! 😀

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Bar Luna

Bar Luna welcomes everyone eager to enrich their knowledge and come home with an inspiring story to tell. If you’re a curious individual wanting to indulge in more cultural activities, Bar Luna is the perfect destination for you. This Bar hosts a lot of writers, poets, artists and readers alike. They sometimes have interesting enriching activities and discussions that can give your mind a bit of stimulation. Activities roll until 11 pm, so you can come refresh your mind after you have refreshed your stomach! The bar also has some of the best coffees, so you can stay awake the whole night! 😉

Photo By Bar


Ubud Night Food Market

The concept is the same as for its night market, but this time only for food! You can find anything to fulfill your Indonesian taste buds in Ubud’s night food market. You eat on the streets and can truly immerse being in Bali and feel like a local! Sometimes it is nice to try new things, right? And now you can tell all your friends back home you have already eaten street food!

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Get your future foreseen at a local medium!

This one is more for the spirituals out there. If you want to have a tarot card/medium reading, Bali is the place to be! I’m sure all of you have heard of Ketut Liyer from Eat Pray Love and how he foretold Julia Gilbert’s adventures. Why not get a reading of your own and have your future become brighter than it already is? Only if you believe in this kind of things, though 🙂 If you do decide to go, make sure the reader is a local Balinese as they make the best readings!

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So that’s all 8 ideas of things you can do in Ubud after sunset, although I honestly wouldn’t mind staying in and pamper myself to a spa treatment The Spa in Padma Resort Ubud, or just chill by the pool listening to my jam! 🙂


Happy Holidays!

Jasmine Couteau



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