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Padma Resort Ubud for creative souls

Ubud has always embodied strong spiritual and creative elements – well, at least this ring true for me personally. The moment I stepped into Padma Resort Ubud, I knew this is the perfect home for us creative and sometimes eclectic wanderers.

See the vast amounts of nomad retreats and workshops held in Ubud lately? It seems like this charming place in Bali has become a hub for these creative souls.

Being pretty much the art capital of Bali, Ubud is where you want to stay and here’s why you should choose Padma Resort Ubud.


5 Reasons to Pick Padma Resort Ubud as Your Creative Home Away from Home


Mother nature at its best!
If you draw your inspirations from the soothing sounds of nature, the green lush surroundings then Padma Resort Ubud is just what you needed. All you have to do is open up your laptop, take a sip of coffee (or tea!) and sit by your bedroom’s balcony. Take a stroll down their bamboo forest, sit awhile there. Close your eyes and let your surroundings open up your imaginative senses. Let your visions came to live with the help of Gaia herself!

Photo by @hallocaitlyn


Perfect Solitude
Feeling more inspired when you are away from the hustle and bustle of big cities? Need to meditate before you let words came pouring out of your soul? Padma Resort Ubud offers just that wrapped up with their world-class services, you really can’t go wrong here. All the staffs at Padma Resort Ubud are some of the friendliest I’ve ever met. They are warm and genuinely engaging without overstepping their boundaries so your quiet time will not be disturbed here.


Get Your Creative Juice Flowing
With their daily in-house yoga classes, you can truly get centered here. Inhale the clean and fresh morning air before you started writing. Meditation always gets my creative juice flowing so their yoga classes can be a sweet opening to your practice.

Photo by @juna_ng


Unplug to Reconnect
Living in Jakarta can truly dull our creative sides – this is why other than for my own sanity, I need to get away from the distractions and the big city life – being at Padma Resort Ubud really revive and awaken the writer’s side of me. Nothing beats the freedom of being unplugged for a while. Just to lounge soaking up some sun by Padma Resort Ubud’s infinity pool while finishing that great book? Bliss! Need to start writing that book you’ve been meaning to write? This is your moment and you are at the perfect place to do so.

Photo by @evisakasaj


Fast Internet!
Ready to send your writing or your creative piece to the editor(s)? Worry not! Even when you are literally in the middle of nowhere, Padma Resort Ubud’s broadband internet service is fast and reliable. This is one thing creative nomads need when they are traveling, right? Reliable internet. At Padma Resort Ubud, they understand the needs so worry not!

Maybe it is being within that close proximity to mother earth and water elements that pulled our creative heartstrings. Maybe it is in the quietness that allows us, writers and artistic souls, to expand and to create whatever masterpieces we have in mind that keep us coming back to Ubud time and time again.

And this is why I always want to return to Ubud and who knows, maybe one day I will get my first book manuscript finalised from the Island of the Gods – or should I say the Island of the Creative Gods.

Are you ready to create your own magic? Book your next creative hideaways at Padma Resort Ubud and let them take really good care of you.



Maureen Hitipeuw She is a lifestyle and travel blogger on a quest of finding joy in every day life and living life to the fullest with kindness, compassion, grace and a bit of sass.




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