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Padma Resort Ubud is ready for Independence Day – are you?

If you’re in Bali this August, you will see the colours red and white everywhere you go, whether it being in cars, in front of houses or just on the side of the streets where penjors are usually placed.

Indonesia is approaching its 72nd birthday and Padma Resort Ubud is ready for a fun-filled day commemorating our day of freedom. So to celebrate, we have designed a variety of activities for you and little ones to enjoy. But first, let us guide you to the bits and bats of our nation’s Independence Day traditions.


Flag Raising Ceremony

On the morning of Indonesia’s Independence Day, the President of Indonesia – Joko Widodo accompanied by other important officials will be raising the Indonesian flag. This event will be broadcasted on TV and everyone will gather with their family to watch it! So don’t be surprised if you don’t see a lot of people early in the morning, chances are they are at home watching the Red and White Flag being raised up to the sky!

Photo by Kompas and Republika 


Paint the country and red and white

This tradition has been passed on from generation to generation. From big cities to small villages, people will start decorating the streets or neighbourhoods closer to August. The most common ornament to have is of course, the country’s flag in different sizes and shapes. Some places like shopping centres will go all out and cover the place with red and white balloons, wallpapers or even recycled objects.

Photo by josstoday and satu harapan


Neighbourhood fun games!

One of many ways to celebrate this day is through fun activities, especially for the younger ones! We have really funny games that we like to do once a year.  Some of them are really out of the ordinary and you might release a big “WOW” when you watch it. There is a game called “Panjat Pinang” where people have to cover up in oil and try to climb a coconut tree. The first one that reached the top wins a present.

Photo by abulyatama and

There’s another game called “Makan Kerupuk” where you have crackers hung in a small rope, your hands are tied and the first to finish it wins! Sounds exiting? It also fills your stomach 😉

Photo by and naningisme


Those two are just the highlights amongst many more traditional Independence Day games. And guess what? If you’re staying with us on the 17 of August 2017, you will get to experience your own Independence Day in Padma Resort Ubud because we do, of course have fun games! Family challenges are the best right? So, come with your crowds and have tons of fun with us. Feel the Indonesian Vibe and happiness for a red and white kind of day!



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