Wolly Kids Club and Game Centre

Open daily, 9AM – 9PM

When children are happy on holiday, parents truly have the luxury to enjoy a relaxing family get-together. Our family-friendly Kids Club is a haven of delight for your little ones.

Wolly Kids Club and Game Centre offer a bunch of dynamic activities, educational toys, separate rooms for watching movies and game station, and a playful design bedroom for naps.

Babysitting service is available at additional cost. Please notify our reservation team/ concierge team at least 12hrs prior the requested time.

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  • Wolly Kids Club is for children aged 4 – 12 years old. Children under 4 years old are welcome, however must be accompanied by parents/ guardians.
  • The Game Centre is strictly for children aged 6 – 12 years old.
  • All children are not allowed to leave the room by themselves and must be signed in and out every time by their parents/ guardians.
  • Children must be registered by parents/ guardians.
  • Children must comply with the rules and regulations.
  • Children who appear sick or being disruptive will not be allowed in Wolly Kids Club and Game Centre.
  • Children must maintain appropriate behaviour.
  • Children are staying in Wolly Kids Club during lunch and dinner time. Parents are suggested to order meal(s) for the children, otherwise staff are entitled to order on behalf of their parents and meal(s) will be charged to parents’ account.
    o Lunch time : 12PM – 2PM
    o Dinner time : 6PM – 7PM
  • If children act in unsafe or inappropriate manners, our staff have the right to refuse future registrations.
  • For safety purposes, and to prevent property damage, wet clothing/ swimwear are not allowed within the Wolly Kids Club and Game Centre area.
  • Parents/ guardians who show symptom of intoxication are not allowed to pick up their children